2.7 million Canadian fire extinguishers recalled for being defective

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An American company is recalling 37 million fire extinguishers in the U.S. and 2.7 million in Canada because they can get clogged or require excessive force to discharge and won't work in an emergency.

Kidde Corporation, based in North Carolina., said Thursday it is recalling 134 different brands of fire extinguishers manufactured between Jan. 1, 1973, and Aug. 15, 2017. The recall includes models that were recalled two years ago.

The U.S. safety regulator, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said in a release it is aware of 391 instances in which the extinguishers failed, which resulted in at least 16 injuries, 91 instances of property damage and one death, in 2014, when emergency responders could not get an extinguisher to work following a car crash.

Saeed Sedarat, the general manager of fire safety equipment seller Tesla Electric Ltd. in Toronto, says his company doesn't sell the extinguishers in question because he finds them inferior to metal-based industrial ones he favours.

"It's because it's cheaper plastic," he said. "Big-box store retailers ... sell these Kiddes with the plastic top but when they bring it to us we refuse to refill them because they're going to lose their charge."

"I tell all my customers 'we do not touch or recharge the ones with the plastic part,'" he said. "It was a known fact for the past few years."

Alongside the CPSC in the U.S., Health Canada says it has received two reports of failed activation in Canada, one involving property damages. No one was injured in either incident.

Health Canada is asking anyone with an affected fire extinguisher to contact the company at 1-855-233-2882. In the U.S. customers are urged to call 1-855-271-0773. The company says customers will be sent a replacement unit, free of charge, within two weeks, and no proof of purchase is required.

Sedarat says the recall should serve as a reminder to Canadians that are cutting corners with fire safety.

He recommends one up-to-date extinguisher on every level of a home, displayed prominently. "It's a matter of prevention," he said, "it's like insurance."

Kidde recalling 40,000 smoke detectors in Canada

The affected models look like this, and will have model number PI2010 or PI9010 printed on the reverse side. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)


Kidde is recalling almost half a million smoke detectors because a yellow cap left on during the manufacturing process can cover one of the two smoke sensors, making them unable to properly detect fires.

The company says it is recalling two types of dual-sensor model numbers with model numbers PI2010 and PI9010.

The word "KIDDE" is printed on the front centre of the smoke alarm. The model number and date code are printed on the back of the alarm.

The company says there are about 452,000 of the smoke detectors in the U.S. and another 40,000 in Canada.

They were sold at various retailers and online between September 2016 through January 2018, and retailed for between $20 and $40.

To see if their units are defective, the company says consumers should visually inspect the smoke detector through the opening on the side of the alarm and see if a yellow cap is visible.

"If a yellow cap is present, the consumer should immediately contact Kidde to receive instructions and request a free replacement smoke alarm," the company said.



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Calls for mandatory carbon monoxide detectors


The province is exploring what more can be done to get more carbon monoxide alarms installed in homes and buildings, including possible changes to current legislation. Mandatory carbon monoxide alarms could save lives in businesses and homes.

Annual testing and sampling can help insure the devices and appliances are working properly.

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